Sup. I'm Falsely. I come from Australia.

I post a weird mishmash of visual novels, horror, video games, anime, books and soundtracks.

If you've decided to check me out because of a single fandom, be warned: I switch fandoms without rhyme or reason. I also post digital gore and unsettling images. Please check the tag list before browsing.

Right now, I'm currently blogging the most about Gravity Falls, Dangan Ronpa 2 and Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney.

"Man, lemmie tell ya something. This summer was super boring until you showed up. I have more fun with you than like, practically anybody else! And if you ever stop being my friend, I would like… throw myself into the bottomless pit!"
"So things won’t be too awkward now?"
"I just wrestled myself, dude! THAT was awkward! If you can handle that monster, you can handle a little awkwardness.”
"Ha ha… Friends?"
"Yeah dude! Friends!"